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Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Today was kind of a 'catch up' day for me after the long weekend. Laundry, groceries, vaccuming - the mundane things that I sometimes take for granted. I am trying to focus more on each task. On every little thing that comes along - who knows when something might change! I think that is why I joined a new volunteer group today. The Ships Project is a grass roots campaign to ensure that our military has warm woolies to wear! I spin - I knit - I have a husband who doesn't like wool - so why not make sure that those who are far away from home - fighting for our freedoms - stay warm. I am inspired after the volunteer effort that transpired on Spindler's for the homeless vets. So many people need help on a daily basis - it is just a matter of choosing to assist. I don't think to many of us have the power to change the world completely - but, I do believe that small amounts of change help not only those in need - but help us to re-evaluate our own lives. So - in addition to my 4 pair of Christmas socks - I would also like to add 2 pair of slippers, a pair of socks and a scarf for The Ships Project! Yikes - I must start spinning - the cold weather is approaching our service men & women as I type!! (I did set the twist in my plum GCNI skein! YAY!! Hmmm - all those lovely natural colors of wool that I have in rubber maids will be perfect for this effort!! Didn't I say another one of my goals was to decrease my stash by one bin?? Serendipity - got to LOVE it!!) TAG ME ... you are it!!

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