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Friday, September 13, 2002

I have decided that I need to write my BloGs earlier in the day. My time management skills seem to be lacking of late. I know it is because my morning time tables have to be adjusted to meet new time goals for both myself & my husband. No easy task to create a 'new' routine. We will get there though - it just takes time. Thanks for all the wonderful comments re: my noste winding!! I am finding this to be wonderfully relaxing. I even took a skein of wool to work today - just to 'noste' wind it! YAY!! . But - I need to start managing my computer time better. See? Time Management!! My artwork has suffered and I just received another commision!! YAY!! So - here are 2 of my completed projects - on the left is a pair of slipper sox from wool & llama. These are for The Ships Project I completed one whole sock watching a 9/11 documentary! On the right - is one pair of Christmas sox in GCNI. So - I have been busy - I just need to focus more!! TAG ME ... you are it!!

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