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Wednesday, September 04, 2002

I am fascinated with this Weather Pixie!! I chose this 'weather girl' (# 7 for those who are interested) since I felt she resembled me. The area to which she is forcasting the weather - Block Island!! Call me crazy, but I view this is an affirmation in my progression to actually living there one day. Now - if I need a 'pick me' up - I tab into my BloG - and there I am on Block Island. "Weather Girl' # 7 seems to like being there - doesn't she? I highly recommend these Weather Pixies - they are a great source of giggles! Tonight - I hope to finish my last bobbin of singles of the plum GCNI - and I hope to ply it too. Now- that I have increased my goals to include several items for The Ships Project every moment is more precious than ever. I even brought my spindle to work and got some spinning done at my break time. There is no time like the present to get all those things you want done accomplished ... we really do make a difference each day! Let's give everything we do - our best shot! TAG ME ... you are it!!

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