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Saturday, August 31, 2002

My commissioned art work project is DONE !! .... YAY!! ... It was mailed this morning - and I am delighted that it is completed! I am very thankful that someone I never met contacted me and asked me to do their art work. But - as I have previously said, the 90+ degree heat did me in and it took a little longer than I had hoped. But - it is DONE! FINISHED! COMPLETED! Now, it is time to move on! A new beginning??? Hmmm .... I spun last night while watching the baseball game. I LOVE my DELUXE ROBIN WHEEL!! I feel a connection to this wheel as it was handmade just for me! Tonight - no spinning as we are off to celebrate the 3 day weekend. In a way - for me is it is blowing a kiss 'good-bye' to summer and greeting the fall with a hearty 'hello!' I hope you enjoy your weekend too!! TAG ME ... you are it!

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