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Thursday, August 08, 2002

Today - was a beautiful day! Laundry was hung outside in the fresh air & sunshine! Tomatoes & cucumbers were picked fresh from the garden! And a heel was turned on a sock!! All this happenend in my backyard! One of my new loves has been knitting socks. It amazes me that something so 'simple' can bring so much joy. I am hesistant to use the word 'simple' as I found socks to be quite intimidating. But - in the search for a perfect word - 'simple' stands out. Maybe because a sock is small - yet complex. Maybe because it is a nice thing to have, but a debated necessity. Maybe because for the amount of work a sock actually takes - maybe it is easier just to buy one! Hmm.... maybe I am just glad that it brings me so much joy! Did I mention these socks were created from my own handspun?? TAG me! You are IT!

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