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Sunday, August 18, 2002

OK! I know I am supposed to have pictures ... but what is an HTML challenged person to do?? Magically they will appear one day - and I hope my pictures will make you gasp!! (That is a good thing!) The heat is still here - and I have sufficiently melted. Yesterday - I did manage to complete the moorit alpaca!! YAY!! I plied and set the twist too. Again, it was done on my Stacey spindle - to the tune of 18 2ply, wpi and I think 54 yards. Instead of starting the reddish - brown alpaca today - I opted to start a GCNI sock instead. I make the heat at least bearable thinking that Christmas will be here in 4 months! I am a tad KrabBY - being 'melty' and all - but I am constantly thinking of my most favorite place in the world - and trying to devise ways in which to live there permanently. I know I will succeed someday - but the interim is challenging. It is an artist haven and I do believe that my soul belongs there. It is such a comfortable place to be - such an artistic resource!! The 'energy' there is incredible!! Almost to the point of electric!! No one I know totally understands my love/fascination with this place ... all I know is that I was meant to be there! The place: Block Island, RI!! Wish me luck!! TAG ME ... you are it!!

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