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Thursday, August 15, 2002

The temperatures were more comfortable today than in recent days.... YAY! I think it is quite possible that it was the lack of humidity. I am really glad that is was a great day - one filled with family, smiles and a little alpaca! The wind was blowing with some pretty good gusts! Even 'boat anchors" would have been flying!! I ventured forth on my alpaca though - with my Stacey spindle in hand. The wind, on several ocassions, chopped right thru my delicate alpaca - sending nicely crimped fibers onto my neighbors pear tree. I hope the birds find a good use for such nice fiber in their nests! They don't need it for warmth - but maybe a nice cushion?? This alpaca is truly wonderful! I can't wait until it is completed so I may hear it tell me what it wants to be when it grows up. I must tell you - this fiber is so intricately delicate. It is a wisp of fibers- and - while spinning against a backdrop of clouds - I was wondering what it would be like the spin THEM. I wonder if they are soft & slippery like merino? OR maybe they are more like BFL? Either way - it is a nice notion! My goal for tomorrow is to finish up the cop I am working on - and then to ply it. If I started really early - maybe I can set the twist to it too. All of a sudden - I am feeling ambitious!! TAG ME ... you are it!

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