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Tuesday, August 13, 2002

I have decided that I am not good in the hot weather. I melt! I thought I was being kind to the environment when I asked my husband not to put the AC units into the windows. I thought that others might need the electricity from the energy grids more than us. Since I have always lived in New England - I thought that this summer would be bearable just like all the previous ones. I thought that the money saved from the higher electric bills could be put to good use ... more fiber, another spindle?? I thought wrong! My comissioned art work is being delayed as my studio is on the upper floor of my house. I can't seem to 'create' when sweat is dripping down my face & mixing in with my paints ... I will mention here that this is not supposed to be water colors! Or when I have a "sweat-stash". Or when I am crabby. Go figure ............ The fibery side of me is dealing with it. I hung a GCNI skein out in the sunshine today after I set the twist. This of course was after I made sure that the smell from the skunk who sprayed my dog last night was not lingering anywhere near my clothesline. Tonight - I hope to complete another bobbin of singles while I watch "Pearl Harbor". I will be sitting in front of the fan while I spin - thinking that realistically it is only 4 months til Christmas! TAG ME .... you are it!!

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