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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

I have been doing some soul searching of late: wondering if I am on the 'right' path; wondering if my dreams will come true; wondering if things will be "OK". I have been wondering about a lot of things that I have no control over. I suppose I should be saying 'worrying' as opposed to 'wondering' - but the interesting thing is - I believe that to worry is not to have faith in God. And - I do have faith in Him - it is me that I 'wonder' about. It is a day to day struggle. My head thinks! My heart aches! But - yesterday - things were put into perspective by a 6 year old boy - one that I have never met. His struggle was school - whether or not he wanted to attend. He took a moment to consult his Spirit. Then he found his answer. I commend that 6 year old boy for reminding me of MY spirit. Please visit Linda D's BloG !! Thank you Christopher! AND thank you Linda & Tom for giving him the gift of his OWN spirit!! Fiber?? I finished plying 'David' - the short stapled jacob. I spun it on my big Bossie and that Bossie did fine work of such a short staple. Maybe some more spinning of the GCNI for the Christmas socks - or maybe a quiet night - to celebrate MY spirit!! Hmm... I 'wonder' .... TAG ME ... you are it!!

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