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Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Goals. I have decided I need more goals in my life in order to complete certain items and to achieve success in certain areas. After leaving the 9 to 5 world a while ago - my organization and goal orientations were left behind too. At first this was extremely liberating. It was a freedom that was unknown to the majority ... now I understand that certain freedoms come with certain price tags. My friend Stasia has convinced me to start journaling again. I always used to - and last year - I had the ceremonial burning of my journals from college. (Ok - I admit college WAS a while ago - but I hold to stuff way to long!) My journals now will focus on my creative journey. Projects. Inspirations. Works of art. The journey will be incredible and I hope to capture the essence of this event with the enthusiasm of a rookie journalist. I need to purge the clutter and surround myself with blessings & moonbeams! Here is one of my goals - I have completed spinning & washing the second skein of GCNI/blue. The first skein is almost entirely knit into one sock. I will report on its completion. Remember - I am to complete 4 pair of socks for gifts. Mine are a simple pattern and go pretty quick. (Elaine - your socks are FaB!!) An artist colony on BI?? Hmm ... now there is an interesting occupation!! I AM still working on pictures to make this escapade in cyber-space a tad more interesting!! I hope they will be worth the wait! TAG ME ... you are it!

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