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Thursday, August 22, 2002

The last several days have been interesting for me. Since I have been focusing on my goals - I have noticed that I haven't been wasting as much time as usual. If I have 5 mins - a few rows on my sock is perfect. (I will mention here - that I finished one sock for my Christmas gift giving & I started sock # 2!! ... YAY!! ) Tuesday - while waiting for hubby to get off the computer - I started a needle felted mini sculpture for a friend and finished it yesterday. AND - I am trying to de-clutter daily! Both my husband & I seem to hold on to everything - and when the Flylady says 'Boogie' - I do!! It is really amazing that with all the gadgets that we have in our lives - how intrusive those gadgets really are! I am beginning to think that living 'simply' is the way to go. But - with the media the way it is - it is hard not to have the "I want ITs!" I know that every fiber I see - I want it! New spindles?? I want them too!! They say a rich man/woman is not the one that has the most - but the man/woman who needs the least. I guess in retrospect - I am faring pretty well! How about you?? TAG ME are it!

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