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Wednesday, August 14, 2002

It is amazing to me - how one simple action can cause total & complete inspiration! Today - we hit triple digits. That alone is enough to send me into orbit! After my post on disliking the heat and being uncomfortable - I only need to hear the news to find there is NO relief in sight. (Well, I guess maybe next Monday it might be in the mid-80's!) - to start thinking that maybe a move to Antartic would be my only escape. But, isn't that where the ozone hole is?? Hmmm ... if I can't escape, I guess I must deal with it! So - while we were hitting triple digits today - I received a wonderful package in the mail containing alpaca fiber. This fiber was resultant from a "Trade Day" on Spindler's. (see left hand column for link). I started to spin & spin & spin. I almost have my Stacey spindle totally full. YAY!! Maybe inspiration isn't the correct word here - maybe it is motivation. I was up before dawn again working on the 'comission' - and to receive this wonderful box in the mail ...Wowie Zowie! I AM hoping for cooler weather soon - like weather that might spawn a snowflake or two. At least I could wear not only my GCNI socks - but THE most beautiful pair of socks in the world made by Stasia (see left hand column for link)!! (I know that there are some who can create click-able links - to me - HTML stands for "Horrendous Technical Mumbo-jumbo Language!) TAG ME ... you are it!!

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