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Sunday, August 25, 2002

SInce I have sock #1 done (YAY!) - I have actually turned the heel on sock #2; spun & plied an angora & wool blend on my Stasia #33 spindle and started to spin a plum colored GCNI for another pair of Christmas socks on my wheel ! I haven't done the wpi of the angora/wool blend - that will be tomorrow as well as setting the twist. As you can see - I have been busy. My art work has been secondary the last few days - I am almost done with my commissioned project and it will be mailed to its owner at the end of the week. I will be glad when it is completed as I know my attention span gives way to new adventures rather easily. It is time for me to move on - and although I am thankful for the project - I wasn't thankful for the horrendously hot days that kept me out of the studio and made this project drag on a lot longer than neccessary. Maybe next year, I will think twice about the AC! ~~ 4 pair of Christmas socks is one of my goals - another is to reduce my stash by one HUGE rubbermaid bin. I am nervous about this goal as I find myself perusing various outlets for fiber, DAILY. OK - I admit - I become extremely attached to any fiber which comes with the animal's name. I am so connected to the fiber/ animal when this small tid bit of information is provided. Therefore, I find myself being protective of the fiber - I don't want it to leave me. But - how much can I really own?? It gets back to the simplicity issue ... how many Rubbermaid bins is 'normal'?? TAG ME ... you are it!!

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