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Monday, August 26, 2002

I was on a roll today! Not only did I set the twist in my 2 ply, 18 wpi, 84 yard, wool & angora combo - I also completed sock #2 in the Hazy Mist GCNI!! ((YAY!! Pair #1 - Christmas socks are done!! YiPpEE! 3 pair left to go!! AND - I hooked Tracey onto GCNI!! Woo-HOO!!)) - I also started to spin some jacob lamb roving from a sheepie named David. The colors in this fiber are wonderful - but the staple is really short. I have been inchworming along which is ever so hard on hands that have already been pushed to the limit this week. I took many breaks while doing all this to stretch my hands & forearms! PLUS - I completed a new KLAUDETTE !! This is my first NEW design a quite sometime and I am rather proud of it. I needed to celebrate the portability of the spindle. I have been doing an endless amount of spindling since I embraced my first spindle over a year ago! Now - there is no turning back! And why would I want too!!?? I would also like you all to know - I actually have MORE than 7 bins of fiber. Well, physically I do have 7 - but I forgot to mention the bags & balls of roving that I have which is unable to fit in a bin! Hmm ... I must spin more!! TAG ME ... you are it!!

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