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Friday, August 09, 2002

There are times when I am overwhelmed with the beauty that is before me on a day to day basis! I try so hard to recreate the passion that I feel - but, alas, sometimes I am left with an ill-attempt at that recreation. Little things both me - and I have a 'thing' for noise! A HUGE disadvantage when you live on an extremely noisy street with a screaming bird! The good news is - I completed my socks today! The bad news is - I am still learning how to be able to show you my world! AH... the details of life. If you click on the Spindlers link on the left colum - that will introduce you into a world where I met my 2 best cyber friends: Stasia (check out her BloG!!) & NancieG! I think I have met both of them somewhere, sometime ago. If you click on 'The Knotty Sheep' - that will introduce you into my 'WHORL of art'!! AND - if the TAG board comes back ... TAG you are IT!

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