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Thursday, February 11, 2010

A NEW Year!


In all honesty, I can not believe that I haven't posted in months. Life certainly throws knuckle balls and it is all a matter of how you *see* said pitch that moves you forward to first base, or clocks you one in the head!

For me, my bases have been loaded, but I have been playing with a HUGE headache!

Time to move on!! Time to Create!!

As of the end of this month, I will be a FULL-TIME ARTIST!! I am over joyed at the prospect of creating daily and playing with Jaeger. DH has been awesome and supports me in this decision (which in this economy, I did not take lightly.) Do look for new yarns & battz and dare I say paintings at The Knotty Sheep.

Check out these freshly spun & washed Icelandic skeins from a sheepie named Crispin!

I think they are awesome and perfect for gift giving!

Knitting you ask?? Yes.... I have completed a project or two. These Drops mittens being my latest.

And Jaeger? He is doing fine & is a complete JOY! He loves the snow, but does tire of the cold. I think he is so handsome & adorable in his winter coat!

So ... I am back. It feels great to be here too. I have missed creating. I have learned that creating is so important to who I AM. Heck, if "Mama ain't happy, NO ONE is happy!" AMEN ....

Time to play BALL ... but, more importantly, it is TIME TO HAVE A BALL!