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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Once again, I have fallen behind in posts! Could it be because I am trying to keep up with outside adventures?? OR maybe it is due to my current 'Featured Vendor' status on Spindler's List! Maybe it is because the socks I am knitting are actually 2 different sizes ... NOT on by choice! Could be so many different things!

So, here I am - posting today! I would like to pass on some interesting tidbits ... all on eBay!

First, I placed a bid on this wool! Not that I need it - but, to read the snippet of info re: this wayward sheepie - any 77 year old who can shear a sheepie with an attitude deserves a bid! Feel free to out
BID me.

Second, visit my friend Marcia's
cyber-shelves!! Aren't those the coolest bags ever??

Third, it is my unabashed plug for my own stuff! Yes - I have been working REALLY hard carding these last 2 weeks and I would love for you to take a peek at some of my Kitchen Sink Batts
- of course I would like you to bid too - but, I think you know that!

Lastly - my hats off to all veterans who help make & those who continue to keep this country free. During this Memorial Day - may you remember those you have gone but should not be forgotten! TAG ME ... you are it!


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