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Friday, September 17, 2004

After frogging the Aran 9 times (!) - you would think that frustration has set in and I would be done with it. Well, truth be told, it has set in - but I refuse to let 2 needles & some yarn crush me like a bug. Sure - it still mocks me, but day by day - row by row - it is becoming a pattern. Challenge can be a 'good thing' ... Just ask Martha.

I want to complete a few more rows - then I will post a picture. In all honesty, after working a lace shawl - I thought this would be EZ PZ! (I can hear it still mocking me from afar!)

My spinning has taken a back seat to all of this ... Hopefully, I will get some done this weekend, as well as some dyEing. I haven't been overly productive in those departments either.

Don't you hate it when one project consumes your very soul?? TAG Me ... You are it!

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