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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Keeping calm

Life is insane. There are ups & downs / trials & tribulations / hills & valleys. However one looks at 'Life' - so goes their attitude.

I am Catholic - have always been, will always be. I am not a *good* Catholic - but I hope to be, in time. My interpretation of being *good* means: no judging, more loving; more giving, less receiving; less whining, more offerings.
Suffice to say, I hope I live a mighty long time. I will need a long, long life to accomplish being *good*.

Recently, I have been diligently praying with my Rosary. I love the 'calmness' it brings me. The utter serenity I feel while reciting the prayers accompanied by the smooth beads running through my fingers is 'simply divine.' No pun intended here. I think we need to pray more: for each other & for those who have left us.

I have a several rosaries - most coming to me by way of friends. (Yes, I do have *the* best friends!) But, recently I purchased one from Jeanine/HeartFelt Rosaries. Awesome, yes?

I am at a loss for words over its beauty. Lapis lazuli & white turquoise amidst bronze metal work! A true stunner! AND - I love the fact that this is hand made by an artist who works as a hospice nurse.

Praying the rosary is the best way for me to de-stress & to do *good*. You just have to love that!

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