The Knotty Sheep Shop

Monday, June 23, 2003

The biggest disadvantage of the arrival of the Summer Solstice - as soon as it is here - the days start to get shorter. Seems like Spring never arrived - and lo & behold - here the calendar is telling me it is now summer! Ah well ... the garden has the tiniest of shoots popping up. Thank goodness for farms such as Diamond Organics !! YuMMy!! I love supporting organic farmers. Pesticide laden & genetically modified fruits & vegetables have become the norm. How sad is that?? I also purchased some 'heavenly' roving. It hasn't made its way here - but I know Dulcenea will be most wonderful. (Should I mention I love supporting sheep farmers too? Especially those that aren't typically mainstream!) Considering the weather has been less than perfect of late - I have been able to knit & spin TONs!! I also got a new Klaudettecompleted too! Feel free to place a bid ... I think I need to buy more roving .... ggg! TAG ME ... you are it!

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