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Monday, June 16, 2003

The last 2 days have been amaZing ... the sun has shone! The warmth received from the golden rays has rejuvenated my spirit. It has been the longest winter ... virtually no spring to even mention. Granted, the sun peeked out from the clouds mid-afternoon, but it was still enough to cause JOY! While knitting outside, I finished my 24th pair of slippers for the Ship's Project. I am quite pleased with the colors in these. I use all my tidbits of yarn for the slippers - and sometimes the colors just sing! These are screaming!! I hope these bring JOY to whom ever receives them! This morning - I was BloG hopping and I stopped to visit at THERESA's - and she asked 3 amaZing questions: "What surprised you today?"; "What moved you today?" and "What inspired you today?". These are excellent questions!! My answers: how much I got done when I stayed OFF the computer; my pedometer - my goal is 10,000 steps a day. (Man - do I have a lot of walking ahead of me!); and a bee collecting honey while I was mowing the grass. Neither me nor the mower bothered this little fellow from his appointed rounds. Nature is amaZing! What were your 3 answers?? TAG ME are it!

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