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Monday, August 04, 2003

August is HERE! For me, I get in the mindset that 'summer is almost over'. It helps being in New England where the leaves will begin to change and the shorts will give way to sweaters. Lately, it has been hot & humid with tropical type downpours. Yes, sweater weather will be here shortly (I hope!)! I have been busily working my way thru the COTR (AKA Creatures of the Reef) shawl - I am on row 84 - I still half about 2 thirds left to do! I will try to post a picture soon! (HI! Deborah!) AND while 'surfing' late last week, I came upon a charity that sparked my interest: ADOPT~AN~ELDER. After doing a little research (thanks Alicia!) - I discovered this organization to be an excellent venue for keeping Native Americans in their homes while in their twilight years. Some of these 'elders' live in very remote parts and have limited means. I figured "I CAN" purchase food twice a year for someone who doesn't have any. "I CAN" knit warm woolies for someone who is chilled. "I CAN" let someone, somewhere know that they are loved & valued and that they are not alone. "I CAN" make a difference! You can too!! It doesn't take much to make someone smile! TAG ME .... you are it!!

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