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Friday, January 16, 2004

It has been SO cold here these last few days! I mean - temps, with wind chill, that surpass the 20 degree BELOW mark! BELOW 0 that is! Now, I am pretty hardy - being of Lithuanian descent & living in New England all my life - but this is just plain cold! Perfect weather to play with wool! AND I have indulged this passion quite intensely this last week.

I have been attempting to spin funky yarns of late. Yarns that would make fun trims & embellishments. Miss Robin isn't really up to the task as the orifice is rather small and the hooks are a tad tiny & close together.

BUT - experimentation is good. While playing one night with some extra fiber I had on 2 bobbins - I created the below squiggle yarn. First I S'd, then Z'd, then S'd again as it was REALLY over spun. I set the twist and hung the small skein with a weight ... something I don't usually do. (I feel the weight of a wet skein is sufficient.)

What do you think of my squiggles?? TAG ME ... You are it!

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