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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Still more than a week to go for the Superbowl! Can YOU stand it?? I can't! My husband would have us flying to Houston in a heart beat - just one small problem ... game tickets! Realistically, how can one spend several mortgage payments on one game?? But, we will be cheering the The New Engalnd PATRIOTS on to victory! No foam fingers for me ... how could I spin or knit??

Drum carders have been weighing on my mind of late. I don't really know if I need one - but I am thinking it would be fun to create 'interesting' batts of 'GOD knows what'. The one decision I did make is that I must sell enough stuff to purchase one! So - if you are feeling shoppie - stop by The Knotty Sheep ! Yarn collectors can revel in the unique inventory! (Interesting side note: 10% of my sales will be going to Heifer International to buy sheepies!! Scroll down to see the totals on the left side bar!)

I have managed to finish a handspun cashmere & silk scarf! Came out quite nice and oh, so soft. Now - it is time to sit & spin as well as knit a pair of Ship's Slippers! There is still 8 days to the Superbowl! TAG ME ... You are it!

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