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Friday, July 16, 2004

Gee - just when I said that I would post more .... sigh! My life will be taking a new direction as I strive to find a balance in my work, home life & health.  It will be a journey of twists & turns - but I am thinking it will be one of great adventure!    
The Knotty Sheep (please click on the  "Buy Me" link of the  left for my latest creations ... for some reason, I can't insert HTML in this post today!!)  has been growing by leaps & bounds!  YiPpEE!!  And due to my wonderful customers - so far over $182 has been pledged to buy sheep for a deserving family thru Heifer International!!  (Scroll down on this blog, left column for exact figure).   I think giving back is so important  ... The Universe needs to be balanced too.
This summer - I have fallen in love with my local library.  It isn't the most up to date or eye appealing edifice in the world - but the service it provides overwhelms me!   Please support your local library too .... One way I do is donate all my magazines to them instead of putting them in the recycle bin.  They still get recycled (to another reader - hopefully, they will still make it to 'the bin' one day!) and the library earns 25 cents!  Small things do add up!
I have 2 pair of sox on the needles ... hmmmm.... Maybe they are good project for the weekend!
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