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Friday, July 30, 2004

I am always on the look out for good fleeces! I dare not think how many pounds of wool I actually purchased this year. But, I feel it is my Patriotic duty not only to keep the economy going - but also to support the small shepherd!

Yesterday, I found a wonderful finn/leicester x as well as a Barbados fleece! I love finn and the Barbados - well, that was a 'must have' purchase as I have never seen one before! But, if you are in the need for fleece - check out CHRISTEN's sheepies . I can't wait for both Ethel & Jason to arrive.

I have also tallied my list of "Reserved" fleeces for the year 2005 - as of this date - I am up to 5. Gee, I wonder how many more I will acquire??

Why the indulgence? Besides the patriotic duty, supporting the small shepherd, I just love fleece! Love creating with it! Love touching it! Love looking at it!! WhEEEE ... I am in fleece heaven! TAG ME ... You are it!

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