The Knotty Sheep Shop

Monday, August 02, 2004

Well, I changed the name of my BloG. "Sheep At The Beach" - is more *me* sounding. I love the whimsy it brings to mind: sheep surfing; sheep sunning; sheep drinking umbrella drinks. Now, I guess *I* will need to be more creative. :)

I just finished reading The Shop on Blossom Street . What a fabulous summer read. I recommend it highly - and hey, just because it is set around a knitting shop ... that didn't hurt it one little bit!

AND - while I have been melting here due to the high humidity (and no AC!) - I have been thinking about Fall. Now, I don't need another sweater to knit. I REALLY don't! I have 2 in the queue as I type but I love The Rogue Sweater. It seems it went around BloGdom earlier this year. Who knew?? We will see ... it reminds me of the Elsebeth Lavold designs.

Last night I finished carding some batts with Curly Horse! She Dances With Wools - was an inspiration gleened from Evelyn, my Adopted Native Elder . It is a very worthy charity - especially as some of the elders continue to weave traditional rugs!
What a great way for those of us in the fiber community to support others who are too! TAG ME ... You are IT!

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