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Thursday, August 19, 2004

When are the Olympics over? Not that I am wishing for them to end - but, with all the 'one hundredth of a point' differences between medal winners and non-medal winners - I can't concentrate on my knitting. Truly, what was I thinking when I tried to start my Irish Aran last night whilst Paul Hamm was crashing into the Judge's table before his METEORIC rise to the Gold?? What was I thinking??

Actually 5, "not so bad" rows, were completed before the Frog Monster came. It wasn't Paul Hamm's fault ... it was DH's! I mean, with all the heart stopping events in the world - he has to pick a Coke commercial to make a ruckus over. The commercial showed a person giving 'a stranger' a Coke. I am assuming said stranger 'drank' it ... DH's philosophy ... "Would YOU drink Coke given to YOU by a stranger"? I see & can even appreciate his point ... but - to make a SUCH big deal of it when I am laboring over this pattern??? What was HE thinking? "Rip IT"!

Congrats to all the Olympians - obviously their concentration is better than mine!! Tag ME ... You are it!

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