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Friday, September 15, 2006

My sabbatical has ended - and I am back at work. Getting back into the 'groove' is proving to be a challenge. On my first day, one of my dogs ended up in the ER. She is doing really, really well - but her recovery will be slow.

Motu is my eldest and she has had her own challenges for a couple of years. While I may feel my difficulties are unbearable - my Motu teaches me that life is good. It is all about good naps, dog bones and family. She goes on without a complaint and a tail wag. And while she may need help "getting up" - I realize that sometimes, I do too. But, when surrounded by love - "staying up" proves to be easy. I learn a lot from my pups.

Knitting, as always, is a great stress release. I am working on a SchoolHouse Press "Dubblemossa" hat. It is being knit from unspun icelandic ... I totally love the sheepie qualities: the smell, the lanolin and the long staple length. It does separate easily and it is pretty unforgiving if you need to frog, but, I am already perusing the site for more colors! I am using US size 5 as I will 'full' the finished piece to give it a wee bit of durability.

These are the two wheels I am using:

And if you can't wait to see my finished Dubblemossa - peek under kits and you will see Meg wearing hers!

Remember .... Inspire Art! Create Art! Buy Art! Be ART!! And maybe- just for the day, be has happy as a dog!... Comments, please!


Melanie said...

Motu looks like a snuggle baby! I hope she feels better - give her a hug from me!

KnitNana said...

Sweet pup! Hope everyone is doing well now?
My Peace Fleece arrived today! It's WONDERFUL! Thank you!

Dove Knits said...

What a sweet puppy!

Can't wait to see the hat done.