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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Is it really October?? Is Columbus Day this coming Monday? Holey Moley!!

The problem with taking a vacation the last week of any month - is that it totally distorts time. You leave your house one month - return the next. While I am just tickled that it is now FALL - I can not believe how quickly the month of September passed.

Can Christmas really be just around the corner?? YiKes!!

The Dubblemossa is finis. It is sans tassle so I will post a photo when I tie that baby on. I found it any interesting process and will probably make another in the future. I doubt that I would use the unspun Icelandic though ... methinks my tension is just to tight for fiber which is 'unspun'.

I did manage to complete another Bea Ellis hat for my Christmas Basket. I just love knitting these - and if you are looking to try fair isle - Bea's Originals are very well written for the beginner. This hat came out larger than the first one I did. Why?? Well, I didn't carry one of the colors in my left hand. I just used my right and while more time consuming - the finished product is more relaxed. Note to self: knit fair isle right handed only.

Also - you have got to love a good knitting "score"! Dale of Norway "Nagano" anyone?? YiPpEE!!!

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Melanie said...

I've always wanted to do a Dale of Norway sweater, but haven't been brave enough yet. Nagano is beautiful!

KnitNana said...

Love the hat! You are braver than I with Fair Isle! Welcome back from vacation...