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Thursday, October 23, 2003

Can't believe that I am posting twice in one week! Woo-
WHOO! Maybe I am inspired to write because it snowed today - that has put me in the absolute BEST mood! Here I sit,
swilling honey laced tea with a woolen sweater and woolen socks adorning my person. Of course it isn't still snowing -
but it was a nice surprise this morning. AND - speaking of writing ... my dear friend STASIA entangled me in her web of
letter writing. Being one who loves to get nice snail mail (no
bills or junk!) - I entangled freely. With the magic of the first snow, I received my LEX number today!! The Letter Exchange is keeping
the ART of letter writing alive. I think I have 'checked off'
about a dozen listings to which I would like to respond.
If you like to write letters - I encourage you to check out this service!! You might just find a interesting pen friend or 2!!
TAG ME ... you are it!

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