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Monday, March 01, 2004

I have been tremendously busy spinning & carding of late. I enjoy the process and I love to watch what 'blends' actually develop on the carder. Even though I spend most of the time frolicking amongst natural colored fibers and adding color ... I am also trying my hand at dYeing. It is a calculated science to say the least! I don't know how far I will progress and I am quite limited by space - but the journey is fun! The batts I created last week - I just put in MY STORE ! If you are feeling shoppie ... Don't let me stop you ... I have 7 (yes! You read right!) SEVEN fleeces coming ... gulp! How can one resist these tantalizing morsels??? Sigh ....

DH & I watched a program about Grizzlies on PBS last night. (Nope - no Academy awards here - like, I really care who is wearing what! I have all I can do to match DH's socks!) CHARLIE RUSSELL is truly amazing. He will be getting some charity dollars from us! To live amongst the grizzlies and to see how these animals commune with him & his wife is AMAZing. Hats off to you, Charlie! I salute your hard work!

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