The Knotty Sheep Shop

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Where OH! Where is the time flying??? I have made some fine progress in completing tasks - but no where near where I would like to be! My knitting sits in it's basket - unloved & untouched! My spinning wheels have had some exercise - but not enough. My carder .... Ah! Now my carder has been busy!

I truly enjoy blending the expected with the unexpected! Pushing the creative envelope always does one's muse good! I think this is how we grow artistically ... When we do the unexpected. Such happy accidents can occur not only in our creations - but life in general! When we break free of our confines - that is when we truly become who we were meant to be!

Off to go create ... I am working on a pastel landscape ... Something of a different genre for me! AND - more carding! Do you need to exercise YOUR wheels & needles more ... Well BUY ME !!! TAG ME ... You are it!

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