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Friday, April 16, 2004

NBC's "THE APPRENTICE" is over for the season. Sigh ... This was a 'Must See TV' show - one of the few reality shows I have ever watched and suffice to say - I was hooked.

I think what separates this 'reality' show from others is that you can actually pick up tidbits of business advice from 'The Donald'. Knowledge is a powerful tool and whether or not you are in high stakes real estate or a small, independent fiber biz - tidbits of information from a rather successful individual should not be taken for granted. I was slightly 'WOW'ed with Trump's lifestyle - and pleasingly voyeuristic when those snippets of his life appeared. Not to say that I would want to live that lavishly ... but I would like to try it for a month (or 2)!

Me?? I am glad that Bill won - although Kwame is no slouch. I would hire both in an instant if I were a mogul. Can't see either of them carding wool ... let alone washing it - but, heck! I don't wash it either!!!

I have decided to update my BloG more often. If you scroll down - on the left, I have a list of books that I have finished. This is HUGE for me as I am not a big reader. I figure if I document them - it would encourage me to read more. Notice - I have even read one of Mr. Trump's books! Weeeeee! TAG ME .... you are it!


I am like Bill -- "I'm a trained killer - in business."

Bill was the Project Manager for the Celebrity Auction Challenge, the Pedicab Challenge, was in Interview Round for the Final Four and the final Golf Tournament Charity Event Challenge.

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