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Monday, January 03, 2005

A belated "HaPpY New Year" to you!

With each passing year - the time flies by! MoM was right, the older you get, the faster it zooms. C'est la vie.

I hesitate to admit to any 'resolutions' - they are nothing more than unobtainable wishes. Instead - I commit to the philosophy of "Enjoy every moment"! Life is to short NOT to comprehend the nuances of each precious second ... especially since the devastation a world away.

I also commit to involving myself more with others. I need to get out of my own way - and out of my own head - and into the lives of others. It is only with sharing of ourselves that we truly receive the gift of humanity. With that - I have joined two lists which have evolved out of love for our sisters & brothers! Wanna join too??
All Crafts 4 Charity accepts a wide range of knitted/crocheted items. First on their agenda - woolies for "Afghans 4 Afghans"! I can *do* that!!

Artist Noreen Crone-Findlay has started recruiting fellow artisians to create dolls for sale with a portion of the proceeds being donated to various charities (ie: The Red Cross, Americares, etc) - I have never really made a doll before -but, I am willing to try!!

Be alive in 2005!!

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