The Knotty Sheep Shop

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Verizon decided to 'wig-out' - so, at this time, I am pictureless. Seems kind of weird to look at those little red x's and know that they are hollow shells of what WAS there. Sigh ...

Well, I have counted ... as of this date - I have 10 fleeces coming this spring! YiPpEE! Haven't even used all my stock from LAST year, but that is ok. All in good time. Did I mention some "Paco-Vicuna" is coming to live with me?? YiPpEE, again!

My friend, Maitri, has created a Fiber Ministries BloG where you can reference all sorts of interesting tidbits! Do stop by - the world could use a "Woolen Hug" from you. Comments, please!


Pamela said...

Evil Verizon, I hope they sort their act out quickly. I want to see your pics. I'm suffering serious fibre envy at the thought of your Paco-Vicuna that can only be cured by splendacious photos!

Kary said...

UGH ... still pictureless! According to DH - who has been on the phone with "V" numerous times ... they REALLY blew a gasket somewhere! Sigh .... Don't have the paco-vicuna yet. I hope it is YuMMy!