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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I have to say ... I am *SO* excited that The Patriots won their game this past Sunday!! Payton Manning?? Who *is* that?? (Of course, he is the NFL MVP - with a ton of nice stats & a huge paycheck to boot - but I ask you ... where is his Superbowl ring??? Hmmm???)

'Nuff said!

Been busy doing all sorts of fibery things! I mailed off 2 hats for "Afghans 4 Afghans" - spinning - dyEing - carding and knitting! Yes siree .... before Christmas I received 10 orders for my scarves. Three more just came in! (YiPpEE!!) So - here I would like to present "Hot Flashes"! Well ... what do you think?? Comments please!


Stasia said...

Hi Miss Kary! I see no picture. :-( But I'm sure it's gorgeous, like all of your work! GO PATS! :-) Have a KREATIVE day!

Maitri Libellule said...

Kary! It's GORGEOUS! What colors in that knock out scarf! And yes, I can see the pictures again! I am just to write you a private note about the incredible box that came today. Thanks so much honey bunny. Your work is just gorgeous. My eyes got round as saucers seeing that knockout red! Congrats honey!


Pamela said...

Yaaaaay, I can finally see your pics. I *love* Hot Flashes, what a glorious colour. It looks very slinky too ;)