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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Two words of the day ... hot & humid .

Don't really care for either - although the later is worse than the former. I admit - I like to be cold. I like thick sweaters and warm woolen sox. I like 4 blankets on my bed. I like mittens too.

No, I am not wishing my summer away. There are many, many attributes to the season that make me smile.

I saw my very first hummingbird this weekend. What a pure joy that was. I love the warm morning sunshine and the way the sun slips into sleep at the end of the day. I love the happy waves at the shore and the call of the seagull playing tag with it's friends.

I love the warmth of the day ... and the way friends gather on a spur of the moment. I love eating light and playing hard. Yes ... summer is wonderful!

Each season brings a different set of smiles ... I just prefer to wear a smile featuring a hand knit sweater as opposed to a bathing suit. :)

I still haven't been doing any knitting ... but, I am managing to keep my spinning wheels happy! Of course, those rogue snippets of bobbin singles end up on a spindle - which keeps them happy too!! This weekend, I spun up some "Merlin", a black suffolk x on my JOY. This JOY was painted by Margrett at Running Moon Farm . Isn't she a beauty??
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Anne said...

I have a wheel Margrett painted for me - which I absolutely adore! She does fantastic work and it's a unique piece of art, even when I'm not actually spinning on it. Stay cool!