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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Well, next week is my OFFline time. It will feel weird ... in a kind of " no smoking/no drinking/no eating carbs" sorta of way. While I don't smoke - I do possess the other vices and suffice to say ... the internet, for me, is one powerful addiction.

No BloGs ... no eBay ... no YahOO ... no email!

Hopefully, I will recharge the Muse and return to the keyboard with fresh ideas, a clear mind ... and a liver still in good shape. :)

While I have the "Jack Frost" still on the needles; committed myself to the Mystery Stole #2 KAL; and signed up for the "Bitchin' Mittens Challenge" ... those projects will have to wait for another day. My intent is the Victorian Lace Shawl. Don't ask why ... I mean seriously, why would you ask a knitter why there was more than one project going at any given time?? (BTW ... 3 projects is my usual limit.)

So on this note, I depart from Cyber-space for a bit - I mean, at least I *hope to*. As with any addiction, I will hear the silent call of my nemesis luring me into it's web. I will feel my fingers gliding over imaginary keys with the subtle sounds of a quick - yet inaccurate typist. And I will dream of pings and bings - all in the hopes of "I've got mail"! Sigh ...

Part of the extra-pooey part of NOT being ONline, is the fact that I can not click daily to help animals! Could you please help me out?? The click is free & fast and it sure does Help! ... Thanks and remember .... Inspire Art! Create Art! Buy Art! Be ART!! ... Comments, please!

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Pamela said...

Have fun in your offline time.

Click click click on your behalf :)