The Knotty Sheep Shop

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

HaPpY 2007! .... Seems over said as well as over stated - but here we are in a brand new year. I look forward to the Kreative Journey which I have begun to embark upon.

Yesterday was spent spinning wonderfully rich colors of wool!

Today, thus far, has been spent in the studio - organizing, tossing, rearranging ... all to stimulate and awaken the Muse.

I have been getting inspirations from "Everday Matters". Danny Gregory and his EDM group provides constant support and challenges!

But, as I sit with my cup of coffee in hand - typing away - I also realize that I am a wee bit intimidated. Am I fearful of the journey? Am I afraid of failure? Am I trying to do or be something I am not?

All of these are good Q's ... I guess any journey involves self discovery.

I leave you with a pastel I did a while ago. I am hoping it will give me courage.

Remember .... Inspire Art! Create Art! Buy Art! Be ART!! Comments, please!


marieJ said... did you do those eyes??
Such a cute expression....makes you want to touch and pat that fuzzy face..

Rissa said...

It is always good to see another fibery type on EDM. :-)

Pamela said...

Love the sheepie's expression :)

Lin said...

He's ADORABLE!! Those eyes!! SUPER JOB!