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Monday, January 22, 2007

This weekend was chilly. I was in heaven. So were my dogs. I find it weird that they are unfazed by wind chill factors in the single digits. I am even pretty amazed that they are still eager to rush outside and gleefully romp in the frigid air.

I joined them for a bit. After all, I DO have warm wool sox, hats, scarves, mittens and sweaters! (Yes - the waiter at the French Bistro we visited said I looked just like I had skiied the Alps ... *got* to love a nice Dale of Norway sweater!) AND - I also figure I burn more calories in the COLD. Not such a bad thing.

But, it also reminds me that many of us do not have warm beds, warm houses, warm clothes. My friend Stasia (who has *the* cutest goaties ... ever!) recently told me that she 'appreciates' the cold as it makes her aware of what she (we) take for granted. How true ... thanks Stas! I will keep the needles going for Dulaan, CIC or whomever else needs knitted garments!

The chilliness also allowed me to do some decorating. I have placed my new watercolor created by Miss Paris Breakfasts herself, Carol Gillot, right on my Kitchen Counter. Got to love ART!

Remember to stay warm - and help someone else BE warm! Comments, please!

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Dove Knits said...

I'll be happy to send some chilly your way -- we're waiting for it to get above freezing again!

But that watercolor is perfect! So peaceful and comfy!