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Sunday, January 28, 2007

I ask you to bear with me as I learned how to put 'watermarks' on photos this weekend. It has been interesting as my computer skills are not extensive. High tech and I have a love/hate relationship.

That being said ... I love adding watermarks!

While it took me a very, very long time to master this skill - I did manage to complete another Charity hat! This brings my total to 8. How gratifying to know that there will be 8 warmer heads in the world ... and I truly love the fact that I am using my handspun!

Spinning is something that I do pretty much daily. I love the way wool varies from breed to breed - and different sheepies within the same breed can vary greatly. The fleece of a particular sheep from year to year can even be quite different. One person's course wool is another person's 'merino'. I spin it all ... and pretty much wear it all.

I am currently on a Churro high! The Navajo-Churro sheep is listed as 'threatened' by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. I find this wool amazing and to be so closely tied to the Navajo makes my knees weak. Did I mention I was in AWE?

But check out pearl grey "Yazzie" on the left and "Kos" on the right! I just wanted to do a face plant into these Churros today!!

And "Katherine"? Well, this churro is already spun. Hmmm .... stay tuned to find out what happens next! WhEEEE!

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Doll said...

Looks yummy. This is a breed I have yet to try. Perhaps it's time. lol


Dove Knits said...

What pretty yarn! I know nothing about spinning, so that's all I can say :) And good job on making 8 people warmer!

KnitNana said...

And um, so how DO you put watermarks on photos, huh?