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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I admire those fellow fiber artists who can create the most intricate of designs in seemingly effortless fashion. These are the people who can take a complex Nordic sweater or a lacey shawl and have it completed within a week.

Yes - I do admire them ... but I am also jealous.

I know my time management skills are a little, shall we say, nonexistent - but I tend to work around this fact by knitting my little heart out when need be.

Take make socks for instance: I had them completed in 10 days.

The Roses on My Pillow colorway is just perfect and the k3 x p1 rib showcases the yarn nicely.

Suffice to say ... I have already started a scarf. After that is done, I am thinking shawl or sweater. I have yet to try a Nordic Olympic design .... but I don't know if summer is a great time to start. (To uncomfortable to knit in the heat?) I must think on that.

Of course, I don't mind spinning in the warm weather. My 'Fraid Knot skeins are back. This is #4 in an on going series. I LOVE to Navajo pLy! Can you tell?

Remember .... Inspire Art! Create Art! Buy Art! Be ART!! Comments, please!


KnitNana said...

Lovely socks! WOW - 10 days? Well,
I'll say this about "time management skills," you can obviously handle it when it's necessary - but for me, knitting is about process. So I don't set artificial end-points (which explains why Big Sis's shawl is now about 6 months late for her 60th birthday gift!)...
Very pretty Navajo ply "Fraid Knot" skein...

Doll Creelman-Migliaccio said...

wow a pair in 10 days! they look yummy. The only time I finished a pair in that time frame was on my cross country move last May. 11 days in the truck game me beaucoup d'opportunities.

Do you have plans for the lovely skein??


kathleen said...

That skein of yarn is beautiful. Is it destined to become socks? I love the colorway!