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Thursday, April 12, 2007

It is pouring rain this afternoon. I am sure some folks are getting snow ... others thunder & lightning. It is a good day to stay huddled by the woodstove - knitting on my sox. (Yes ... it is *my* own hand painted yarn in the "Roses on My Pillow" colorway!)

I feel self indulgent knitting for myself. But, while the charity knitting is on the 'back burner' at the moment - I am grateful that there are other ways to help the world heal.

Every Easter - DH & I always host. It has been that way since we were married. Nothing is spared ... my dinners are complete with games & prizes! (How many BLACK jelly beans in the pot? The male / female who came closest won a fair isle hat & fair isle mittens as prizes!)

I take it upon myself to beg on this occasion. My family is pretty cool about it - they are used to bringing canned goods for the local food pantry OR dollars for a collection near and dear to my heart.

This year - it was the later and after the Easter Bonnet was passed funds raised are being sent to PittieLOVE! I have met these folks and some of their available Bullys - can you tell I am in love with this breed? It was thru "PittieLOVE" that I met a lab named "BO". And right now - he needs all of us. Read his info HERE.
Please make a donation to his FUNd and pass the word. Thanks and WOOF!
Remember .... Inspire Art! Create Art! Buy Art! Be ART!! Comments, please!

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kathleen said...

I'm indulging myself, too, by knitting a long pink vest to wear to work. I usually work all year, knitting things to sell through the fall and winter, but right now, it's gong into winter here, and I need a sweater! So I'm making myself a couple. Buying one is kind of out of the question. Not that they are so expensive, but in Peru, the average woman is small, so even if I buy a large sized sweater, the arms are always too short. So I make my own.