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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Can I tell you a secret? I am not into "American Idol".

I have put it on maybe 5 times since it first appeared on the tube. I know that I am in the minority and I am 'ok' with that. But, last night - I watched.

It started out innocently - the remote could find nothing that held my interest. When I happened upon "American Idol" - I noticed that they were doing something unique - something different - something worthwhile for all humanity.

I was hooked. "Idol Gives Back" was one of those shows that made me shed a tear and sob a bit. It made me stop and think how very, very lucky I am.

DH & I don't have kids. We have our dogs and the parrot that rules the roost but we try to always do the right thing. In my mind, if I ever get interviewed and someone asks what my 'one wish' is ... I would say "I wish we would learn to share."

We teach children to do it all the time, expect it even ... but, as we grow into adult hood we forget. Sure, we all throw a buck here & there to various interests ... but do we really share, from our hearts? Even before last night ... I had been thinking of this for a while.

Today, I want to share something with you. One of the charities who will benefit from the $30 million + raised last night is Save the Children. Their website goes into detail about sponsorships, donations, programs, where they work, etc. They do wonderful work! So, what is it that I want to share with you? "Shaina"! She is my sponsored 'child' & has been for a while.

We send letters and/or emails! I smile when I think of her AND I glow inside knowing that for a few skeins of yarn or a few bottles of wine a month - I am helping her, her family, her community & basically the whole planet.

Sharing - it is a good thing! Here is my beautiful "Shaina"!

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