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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My "Knit Picks"
blocking wires
arrived today. If you ask me, they arrived just in time!

I have been working on Tallulah Chris' Gift of Friendship Scarf. I love the pattern ... it is so simple - but yet so elegant. I am using my hand dyed lace weight in Sweet Sea Clouds. Both the design & colorway are perfect for blue jeans! YiPpEE!

If you are looking for a wonderful lace scarf pattern .... I highly recommend Chris' design! Thanks for sharing Chris!
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Stasia said...

Oh, Kary, how gorgeous!

kathleen said...

Very nice! Love the colorway, too!

Taueret said...

this is going to have to go on my 'to knit' list. Yours is bewetiful.