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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Yesterday - I managed to do a couple of things .... planted my vegetable garden, made Spanokopita (Greek Spinach pie) for the first time, blocked the "Lotus Blossom" shawl and bent my new blocking wires.

All in a day's a work I say.

It is hard for me to believe that I bent the darn things. I don't remember wrestling with the shawl or even having any difficulty in the blocking process. They are just minimally bent, and will not pose a problem in future use. Suffice to say - one knitted shawl seems to have more strength than metal wires. Who would have thought?

Here is the finished "Lotus Blossom" along with the "Hanging Garden Stole" prior to commencement. Since I am on sabbatical - I feel the need to accomplish much! As of this post - I am 30 rows into the "HGS"! WhEEEE!

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Diana said...

Kary, It's really gorgeous! I know the yarn is more beautiful than the photo allows. What yarn is it? I love the orange for the Hanging Garden Stole. Lots accomplished. Spinach pie sounds great!

Jane said...

The shawl is *beautiful*, Kary! The Lotus Blossom pattern is one reason that I want to learn to cope with lace weight yarn and small needles. I planted our garden & Mom's yesterday too.. Aching backs abound {g}

Nannette said...


kathleen said...

WOW. What a beautiful shawl! It's a shame that the wires bent, but hmmm. As you said, all in a day's work.

Christine said...

How funny! I was just telling Spurg about Spanokopita the other day!!! I love them as well as Tiropita too (the three cheese ones).... see, I once married into a Greek family, and oh the food!!!

Lotus Blossom is gorgeous! Nice job!