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Friday, June 01, 2007

I have been working on the "Hanging Garden Shawl" by Sivia Harding.

The "Sunrise on the Bay" colorway is striking - and the photo doesn't do the subtle shading justice. I am both pleased and nervous. Love the pattern but - "what if I don't have enough yarn?"

I almost always feel this way when working on a project. Can I be the only knitter who feels anxious as soon as they start a pattern about yardage? In the photo, I have completed one pattern 'block' ... I have 11 more to go. In looking a the ball of yarn I am using - I must get 5 more pattern 'blocks' completed as the other skein will be for the remaining 6. Hmmmmm .... a hard call to make at this time.

Lucky for me that the lace work is very open & forgiving - this will be one fantastic piece to wear in the cool summer evenings. I mean, the colorway alone says 'summer'!

WhEEEE .... Can you tell I have vibrant-summer-colors on my mind? I will be *really* busy making batts next week!

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Melanie said...

I always knit faster when I'm afraid of running out of yarn. I think it makes the yarn longer. Or something. ;)

I love the new colors - can't wait to see the batts!