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Thursday, June 28, 2007

The last few days have been HOT HOT HOT! I try my best to keep the dogs as comfortable as possible. My Motu *so* dislikes the heat ... she always has. Give her minus 15 degrees F and a blizzard and that is where she finds her bliss. (Well, in her younger days anyway!)

One image has invaded my thoughts over the course of our mini scorcher: Dogs who are chained. Dogs Deserve Better! don't you think??

But, there is someone in my household who LOVES LOVES LOVES the heat. My parrot Kiwi. In my normal day - I carry a basket around the house. It contains my cordless phone and cell phone. I have found this easier than always racing around trying to locate them when they ring, buzz, vibrate or shout. When I am at the computer in the studio - Kiwi has decided that he finds the wee basket placed on my desk is quite functional. (For obvious reasons, said phones have been removed from the basket.)

Remember .... Inspire Art! Create Art! Buy Art! Be ART!! Comments, please!


KnitNana said...

Kiwi? that's a GREAT name for someone THAT GREEN!
hmmm...not a bad idea, the phone basket...

Stasia said...

Who did that beautiful artwork on the easel? I love it!

Kiwi's beak is LONG! Do you ever have to give it a pedicure - er, beakicure? What a pretty boy! NO BITING! Hee hee hee! (I'm going through the same thing with Molly - she thinks it's funny when I say that, and just bites harder!)

Melanie said...

What a cutie! How come Kiwi hasn't inspired his own set of Kitchen Sink Batts?

Denise in Kent, WA said...

I was just wondering what would happen when Kiwi was sitting on the basket and the phone rang! Tee hee.

kathleen said...

Give Motu a kiss for me! Sending her sweet dreams of frosty mornings! Dogs on chains...I can hardly stand the thought. Why have a dog if it's not welcome to be part of the family!