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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Things were nutty this weekend.

An elderly dog - who isn't feeling quite up to snuff will do that to you. My Motu is in her twilight years. She is a gem that evolved from a beast. Got to love a girl with Spunk! So, the "Hanging Garden Shawl" was left in the knitting basket while Motu was given all my attention. I am delighted to report that she is doing much better! As I said, the girl has Spunk!

One thing I *did* do this weekend is read about
Mary Jane's Farm.
I LOVE this book ... I love Mary Jane & the lifestyle she has created for herself & her family. I am totally in love with the fact that she is sharing her wisdom with the world.

If you didn't know ... I am a 'Wanna-Be-Farm Girl'!! Thanks to my friend,Stasia - who just settled on her farm, the TuppinZ - I can live vicariously thru her and now, Mary Jane. After all - Stas is the one who pointed me in MJ's direction!

While I am not *that* far into the book ... I mean, that baby is over 400 pages ... I have already learned that 'simpler is better' and 'Farm Girls don't whine - they "do"' and we should all take care of "Each Other". Love it! Gets back to the fact that Christmas is going totally 'homemade' this year - either by ME or another artist! WhEEE!
Off to reduce some clutter ... FreeCycle here I come! Remember .... Inspire Art! Create Art! Buy Art! Be ART!! Comments, please!


Stasia said...

Better follow MaryJane than me... I'm the one who smashes fresh eggs in my pockets when I forget I've gathered them! Glad you're enjoying the book - was reading it last night, too.

It's so hard when our animal families get older, isn't it? I'm glad Motu is feeling better. Val has gone gray since we got Molly (wonder why???) ;-)

KnitNana said...

Glad Motu is doing better...
I remember wanting to live on a farm, and if I were 20 years younger, perhaps. But I've gotten so used to living in the "city" - and I don't have a huge CITY, tho' I've done that!
It's lovely to read about, tho!

Birdsong said...

Kary, thanks so much for the gift of fiber - it was a wonderful surprise! I hope to sit on my porch this weekend, spindle in hand turning those lovely batts into yarn while I gaze at my garden and my critters. Give your doggie big hugs from me and my guys...

kathleen said...

I'm also glad that Motu is better. A gem evolved from a beast, hmm? Celeste is still slogging through the "beast" stage, but if Motu made it through, then there may yet be hope for Celeste. Motu is beautiful!